excite system


Across the industry, there are common needs for improving production from existing wellbores. Short term solutions like bull-heading treatments do not meet the ROI results needed; operators need solutions that provide positive results over the long run. Research has shown that different pressures are required in different sections of the well. By just blanketing the entire well with bull-heading treatments, the treatments follow the
path of least resistance and the sections that need the treatment most, do not get it at all. That is why operators are turning to precision treatments that can only be achieved with Comitt’s Excite solution. The Excite tool assures that each perforation cluster gets an adequate amount of treatment fluid by treating each cluster individually. The ROI has been verified in many different fields with various situations.
The Comitt EXCITE System generates consistent long term returns 
with minimal upfront investment
Our Excite System is fully hydraulic with downhole pressure and temperature gauges. The gauges are positioned above the top packer, between the packers (stimulating zone) and below the bottom packer. This application will generate a map and allow you to see 100% of your wellbore. The map will provide the necessary data to plan where to stimulate and how to stimulate. (see Wellbore Diagnostic section)
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