About Our Company

Comitt Well Solutions is an innovative and fast-growing company in the downhole tool industry combining strong downhole tool expertise, vast experience in developing and commercializing new technologies, and cutting-edge reservoir understanding to maximize value for our customers.

Job Description

  • Maintain inventory records in the ERP system Microsoft Dynamics Navision 2017 (NAV), such that the location and quantity of physical inventory in the warehouse matches inventory in NAV.
  • Closely communicate with warehouse personnel that all inventory movements are recorded correctly.
  • Create Assembly Orders in NAV to facilitate inventory movement when Production personnel build assemblies.
  • Facilitate the taking of monthly physical inventory.
  • Research and resolve inventory discrepancies between NAV and the physical inventory.
  • Accurately create traceability sheets in Excel for each assembly.
  • Finalize traceability sheets by transferring data provided by Production personnel for a specific assembly into an Excel document.
  • Drive to vendors to pick up parts or supplies as needed for the warehouse or office.
  • Work over-time as needed.
  • Perform other activities as requested.

Skills Required

  • Skills and experience using computer software including Excel and ERP systems; can follow computer logic and understand the “bigger picture” and implications of data entries
  • Good communication skills, not afraid to ask questions
  • Detail oriented, accurate transfer of data and information
  • Flexible – can easily switch from one task to another, handles interruptions easily, willingness to help wherever needed
  • Holds a current driver license; willingness to drive and ability to navigate