Comitt's Solution

Our technical team suggested a focused stimulation approach using the EXCITE SYSTEM for selective acid stimulation treatments of each producing zone. Comitt’s engineered design targeted five individual zones which would ensure 100% zonal isolation and product placement control into the hydrocarbon-bearing formations.

In order to perform all stimulation treatments in one run, the EXCITE SYSTEM was set up with 100 ft straddle between packers, sufficient to target all five geological formations.

Sequence of Events

The EXCITE BHA was RIH on 2-3/8” tubing. For each stage, fluid was pumped down the tubing string in order to activate the EXCITE SYSTEM. A pressure signature was observed on the surface for each time the tool was set, and 1000 gallons of 15% HCl fluid was placed into each stage. Once a treatment was completed, the EXCITE SYSTEM automatically reset, and the tool was repositioned to the next stage.

All zones were stimulated in a single trip, with an average of 15 minutes between each stage.

Well Response

During the stimulation, several of the zones exhibited a high breakdown pressure, indicating that near wellbore damage was being removed.

Following the treatment, the well was put back on line with a 10x increase over pre-stimulation production levels.


The EXCITE tool successfully placed a total of 5,000 gallons of acid into the target zones. Zero operational issues were encountered throughout the job, and the treatments were carried out in a single trip with industry-leading efficiency between treatments.

Sustained production at over ten times the pre-treatment levels extended the life of the wellbore and added significant value to our customer’s asset portfolio. The improved production of focused treatments versus the traditional “pump & pray” method proved the economic viability of pin-point acid-stimulations for stacked pay wellbores in the Permian Basin.

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