Comitt's Solution

Our technical team suggested a focused stimulation approach using the EXCITE System™ for selective acid stimulation treatments of each producing zone. This would mean five individual treatments which would ensure 100% acid placement control into the hydrocarbon bearing formations.

The EXCITE System™ was set up with 100 ft straddle between packers, sufficient to target each of the five geological formations in a single run without having to trip out between treatments.

Sequence of Events

The EXCITE BHA was RIH on 2-3/8” tubing. For each stage, fluid was pumped down the tubing string to activate the EXCITE System™. A pressure spike was observed on surface each time the tool was set, and 1000 gallons of 15% HCl fluid was placed into each zone. Once a treatment was completed, the pump was shut down, the EXCITE System™ un-set automatically, and the Excite tool was moved up to the next stage.

All zones were stimulated in a single trip, with an average of 15 minutes between each treatment.

Well Response

During the stimulation, a solid acid breakdown was observed for each of the zones. Following the treatment, the well was put back on line with initial production 10x higher than pre-treatment.


  • The EXCITE tool successfully placed a total of 5,000 gallons of acid into the target zones.
  • All treatments were carried out in a single trip with industry leading efficiency between stages.
  • Sustained production at over ten times than pre-treatment levels, thus extended the lifetime of the wellbore, and added significant value to our client’s asset portfolio.

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