Comitt's Solution

Comitt proposed to use tool in order to pin-point stimulate each producing interval. This would allow the operator to achieve 100% product placement control for each zone, while also evaluating the effectiveness of the initial stimulation and level of depletion for each producing zone through zone’s unique pressure response.

The EXCITE tool’s unique hydraulic activation enables any space-out between packers to be accommodated, and Comitt recommended a 50ft straddle between each packer in order to allow for any discrepancy in tally or perforation depth.

Increase in Oil Production

Downhole Temp

Straddle Between Packers

Sequence of Events

The EXCITE tool was RIH on conventional 2-7/8” tubing to the bottom zone to be treated (approximately 9,990 ft. TVD). Once on the bottom, field brine was pumped through the tubing at a rate of 4BPM to activate the tool and a solid pressure indication was observed on the surface when the tool activated.

Once the tool was activated, 1500 gal of acid was pumped through the tool and into the formation. The process was repeated for a total of three zones in the wellbore and the well was put back on production shortly after completion of treatment. For zone #2 and #3, the treating pressure was significantly higher than zone 1, indicating that the initial treatment of these zones had not been as effective.

Well Results

A 2x increase of total fluid production and 3x increase in oil production from pre to post re-stimulation was observed.


The EXCITE tool activated and deactivated as per design in a very predictable manner. The hydraulic, independent activation of each tool module proved valuable in allowing the operator plenty of flexibility in how to space out the job. The EXCITE tool demonstrated its capability of enabling pin-point treatment of stimulation fluids to multiple zones in one well and provided valuable pressure response feedback to the operator.

(Figure 1 Rig Pump Chart)

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