Fluid Volume

Before Stimulation - 35 bbls/ft
After Stimulation - 50 bbls/ft

Proppant Value

Before Stimulation - 500 lbs/ft
After Stimulation - 1,000 lbs/ft

Stage Spacing

Before Stimulation - 220 ft
After Stimulation - 110 ft

COMITT's Solution

COMITT proposed the use of our patented EXCITE System™ to refracture the accessible portions of the lateral well. The tool allows for selective pin-point injection of stimulation fluid, with and without proppant, into perforations in the wellbore. The 100% hydraulic activation/deactivation feature of the tool further makes it ideal for horizontal wellbore applications.

Given the 220ft distance between the original zones it was proposed to add perforations between the original zones to access untreated formation and to place proppant fracture treatments into the newly added perf clusters. Additionally, two more perf clusters were added above the last original zones to extend the producing section of the lateral. The two original stages were to be treated with acid to clean suspected wellbore damage.

Formation Depth

Downhole Temperature

Production Increase

Sequence of Events

This job was performed in June 2017. TCP guns were deployed to create four new zones between and above the two accessible existing zones. The EXCITE BHA was then RIH on 2-7/8” tubing. For each zone, fluid was pumped down the tubing string to activate the EXCITE System™. A distinct pressure signature was observed on surface each time the tool was set.

The two existing zones were acid treated with 85 bbls of 15% HCl. The four new zones were stimulated with up to 170,000 lbs of proppant each zone.

(Zone #1 Treatment Chart)


With Comitt’s unique solution, the stage spacing was reduced by half and the proppant volume injected in each stage was doubled than the initial stimulation. After stimulation, wellhead pressure increased to 1,400 psi comparing to being pumped off and zero psi pre-treatment.

Once the well was put online, oil production increased by a tenfold as compared to the pre-job production rate.


  • The Excite System™ successfully delivered a customized solution to the client when the other technologies were not feasible, unlocking huge additional value for the client.
  • Initial production was increased by 10 times after treatment and one year later the production is still stable at 5 times above pre-refrac levels.

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