Comitt’s field proven EXCITE System recovers $3 million of lost NPV from frac hit damage, restores production to above pre-frac hit levels

Frac hits are an increasing problem in the shale industry. Fortunately, operators now have a field proven methodology to remediate frac hit wells and fully restore wellbore production.

Comitt Well Solutions’ patented EXCITE SYSTEM was used to selectively pin-point treat the perforation clusters in two frac hit wells in Oklahoma to remediate damage from nearby completion operations. In both cases, production was not only regained, but exceeded pre-frac hit levels. A recent revisit of the production results also confirmed the long-term production benefits from the treatments where over $3 million of lost NPV was added back to the wellbores.

EXCITE Reverses the Decline From Frac Hits EXCITE Reverses the Decline From Frac Hits