Comitt's Solution

  • Use Comitt Excite System™ to revitalize SWD wellbore by focused placement of 15% HCl acid into six stages.
  • Customize the straddle length of the packer to accommodate treatment all six stages in a single trip
  • Treat the SWD wellbore by pumping 4000 gallons of 15% HCl acid per stage.


Sequence of Events

  • EXCITE tool was conveyed using 2-7/8” tubing.
  • Positive pressure indication observed on surface for each treatment zone (See figure).
  • 4000 gallons of 15% HCl acid placed in each zone at rates of 6 – 8 BPM.
  • All zones successfully stimulated in a single trip.



  • During the treatment, several of the zones exhibited new-breakdown pressure behavior, indicating that the stimulation just broke down new rock and created new fractures.
  • Prior to the treatment, the well was injecting 1000 BWPD at 1500 psi pressure. Following the re-stimulation, the well was taking fluid at >3,000 BWPD on a vacuum.
  • The successful deployment proved SWD revitalization as a viable application for the EXCITE System™
  • Eliminated the need for drilling new SWD and saved customer $2.5M USD.


Increase in Injection Rate

1500 psi Reduction in Injection Pressure

Savings for the operator in drilling a new SWD well

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