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The wellbore’s producing zones had been hydraulically fractured using plug & perf upon initial completion in early 2017. Our technical team suggested a pinpoint re-stimulation approach using the COMITT EXCITE System™. The EXCITE System was configured to straddle individual perforation clusters thereby ensuring 100% zonal isolation and precise acid placement control.

Sequence Of Events

The treatment was performed in July 2018. The EXCITE System bottom hole assembly (BHA) was run in hole (RIH) on 2-7/8” tubing. For each zone, fluid was pumped down the tubing string to activate the EXCITE System. A distinct pressure signature was observed on surface each time the tool was set, and 1,000 gallons of 15% acid was placed into each zone for treatment. Once each treatment was completed, pumps were shut down, the EXCITE System was unset and moved to the next zone. A total of 46 zones were stimulated in a single trip, with time between zones as fast as three minutes. The entire treatment took 15 hours.

When pulled out of the hole (POOH), the tool string encountered well bore debris. Following the EXCITE System contingency operational procedure, a dissolvable ball was dropped into the tubing string to activate the proprietary C|PAK circulation component above the top packer. Circulation through the C|PAK was established and the BHA was then POOH successfully.


  • 40% immediate increase in oil production following treatment
  • Virtually no decline in oil production for the six months following treatment, proving that the pre-treatment decline had been arrested
  • After 16 months of production, an additional estimated 30,000 bbl of oil were produced over the expected production if no treatment had been performed.
  • Overall one-year project return of $500,000 NPV(10) and 160% IRR.

EXCITE Solution Delivers Superior EUR

EXCITE Solution Delivers Superior EUR

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