Comitt's Solution

Our technical team suggested using the EXCITE system for focused acid treatments of each producing stage to ensure damage in every producing fracture was treated. The EXCITE System was set up with 65 ft packer to packer straddle which would isolate the perforations for each stage in a single trip.

Sequence of Events

In August 2018, Comitt performed the acid re-stimulation. The EXCITE BHA was RIH on a tapered 2-7/8” x 2-3/8” tubing. For each stage, fluid was pumped down the tubing string to activate the EXCITE System. A pressure signature was observed on surface each time the tool was set, and 2000 gallons of 15% HCl fluid was placed into each stage. Once a treatment was completed, the EXCITE System was un-set by unloading tubing pressure, and the tool was repositioned to the next stage above. A total of 30 zones were stimulated in a single trip, with an average of 15 minutes between each stage. A total of 60,000 gallons of acid was pumped during the job, with treatment pressure up to 7,000 psi and treatment rates between 5-7 BPM for each stage.

Results and Conclusions

  • Distinct set, stimulation and un-set signatures were observed for each stage during the treatment, providing operational confidence.
  • The quick and smooth stimulation of the 30 stages saved operational time and money
  • One-month post operation, client sent update of the production – “The acid job repaired the damage consequently increasing our EUR to pre frac hit projections”. The operation proved to be a great ROI for our client.
  • Acid re-stimulation using Comitt’s Excite system was tested and validated as an effective solution for revitalizing wells under frac hit damages.