Comitt's Solution

⦁ EXCITE System used to revitalize SWD wellbore by focused placement of 15% HCl acid in six separate treatments.
⦁ Perforated intervals ranged from 20ft – 60ft.
⦁ C|Bar packers spaced out 80ft to accommodate single trip operation
⦁ Proprietary hydraulic activation feature pre-set to 3BPM activation rate to allow for circulation pre/post activation.

Increase in Injection Rate

1500 psi Reduction in Injection Pressure

Estimated $2.5 million USD in savings to operator

Sequence of Events

⦁ EXCITE tool conveyed on pulling unit using 2-7/8” tubing.
⦁ Positive pressure indication observed on surface for each treatment zone (See figure).
⦁ 4000 gallons of 15% HCl acid placed in each zone at rates of 6 – 8 BPM.
⦁ All zones successfully stimulated in a single trip.
⦁ Average of 20 minutes between each zone.

Well Results

The pin-point treatment approach of the system enabled acid to be selectively injected into each of the six target intervals. During the treatment, several of the zones exhibited new-breakdown pressure behavior, indicating that the zone had not taken fluid in the initial fracture treatment.

Well Response

Prior to the treatment, the well was injecting 1000 BWPD at 1500 psi pressure. Following the re-stimulation, the well was taking fluid at >3,000 BWPD on a vacuum. Breaking down new rock was key to achieving the higher injection rate. As seen in the chart above, injection rates of 5BPM (7,200 BPD equivalent) were achieved at injection pressure close to vacuum when adjusting for tubing friction pressure.


⦁ EXCITE tool successfully placed 4000 gal 15% HCl in each of the six target intervals
⦁ Single trip operation with 20 minutes average time between treatments
⦁ No visual damage to either tool or packers
⦁ Successful deployment proved up SWD revitalization as a viable new application for the EXCITE system
⦁ Eliminated need for drilling new SWD saved customer $2.5M USD.

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