Fully hydraulically activated, bi-directional downhole leak detection system

downhole leak detection system
Comitt Well Solution’s DITECT System™ is an accurate, multi-set, downhole leak detection solution which builds off our patented and field proven hydraulic tool technology.  The system is deployed using either coiled tubing or stick pipe, and is activated simply by pumping through the work string, enabling industry leading efficiency and ease of activation in vertical, horizontal and extended reach type wellbores. 
Prior to run in hole, the system is configured to test from either below or above the packer. The tool can also be set up as a straddle system for further leak detection accuracy. Throughout the leak detection operation, the system can quickly and easily be reconfigured on the fly to accommodate changing job parameters. 
The robust design allows a high number of activations per trip and the slim OD enables the DITECT System™ to run through restrictions in the completion string for maximum flexibility and operational efficiency. 
The hydraulic activation feature limits movement of the work string, thus improving life-time of CT reel.
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