Completion system for the life-time of your Well
The COMPLETE valves are installed as an integrated part of the casing or liner in the reservoir section of the wellbore. Each valve is then isolated by either cementing the casing string in place, or by the use of external casing packers.

100% Hydraulically Activated
Requires no manipulation of the work string​​​​​​​

Frac & Refrac With the Same System
Once the valves are installed, the Running and Isolation Tool (RIT) is run in hole on Coiled Tubing (CT) in order to activate each COMPLETE valve individually. If required, the RIT can be outfitted with Comitt’s unique and patented pump down feature which enables the CT to be pumped into extended reach wells.

The COMPLETE System is a 100% hydraulically activated completion system which requires no mechanical manipulation of the work string. Every component of the system is activated by pumping from the surface, which enables the operator to effectively and reliably activate each COMPLETE valve independently at any point in the completion string. A location feature is incorporated in each COMPLETE valve for ease of location and activation.
The COMPLETE System is fully compatible with Comitt’s EXCITE refrac technology, providing
stimulation and restimulation solutions for the entire lifetime of the wellbore.
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