Drill2Frac & Comitt Well Solutions Work to Create Greater Efficiency for Restimulating Wells

New frac technology partnership offers operators an advanced solution for maximizing frac performance and ultimate oil & gas recovery for previously fractured wells.

HOUSTON December 9, 2019 – Drill2Frac, the leading supplier of rock characterization services for hydraulic fracturing design and Comitt, the foremost provider of pin-point stimulation tools have joined forces to provide a groundbreaking new re-completion technique that focuses on maximizing returns on re-completion spend.

Studies have shown that plug and perf completions can leave 50% or more perforation clusters unstimulated. The newly announced Comitt-Drill2Frac partnership allows operators to effectively identify these un-stimulated clusters and focus refracturing efforts on these specific areas. This increases return on capital by maximizing treatment accuracy.

“Restimulating previously fractured wells has shown to have a significant impact on well performance. This partnership transforms the way restimulation is done in the industry with the combination of technologies allowing operators to improve KPI’s and result in better producing wells.” said Dharmesh Mehta, President of Drill2Frac.

This technique uses Drill2Frac’s expertise in building a mechanical properties profile and a proprietary fluid distribution simulation for each specific wellbore. This in turn highlights the clusters least likely to have been fractured during the initial completion. Once identified, the Comitt EXCITE system effectively targets these areas with pin-point re-stimulation and refracturing treatments. This hydraulically activated stimulation tool is tubing conveyed and can isolate and treat individual clusters for 100% cluster efficiency.

“Teaming-up with Drill2Frac provides our clients with a level of efficiency never before seen in the industry,” said Roger Antonsen, Comitt’s CEO and founder. Antonsen added, “our integrated frac optimization solution will help the industry achieve a higher level of accuracy in re-stimulation that allows our customers to increase the ROI of their wells.”

Most re-completion tools and techniques on the market today require re-stimulation of the entire lateral which includes perforation clusters that have already been effectively produced. This means up to 50% or more of the fracturing energy induced during re-stimulation is wasted on areas that are already produced and depleted. The combination of the Comitt & D2F technologies give operators unmatched value. Untreated clusters can now be identified and receive focus while depleted areas of the wellbore are avoided. No effort, money, or resources are wasted on already produced reservoir and 100% of the treatment is focused on areas of highest return.

About Drill2Frac

Drill2Frac LLC (D2F) was founded in 2014 to create optimization services for the completions segment of the oil industry. The solutions developed ultimately increase completion efficiency and improve well productivity by using existing data with reduced HSE risk while maintaining a price point that fits within a tight, cost-controlled manufacturing environment. Rather than just providing a software program, D2F uses a combination of deep domain expertise and several analytical tools to evaluate downhole and surface data. With this hybrid approach of subject matter experts and software analytical tools, D2F services uniquely turn raw disjointed data into actionable data.

About Comitt Well Solutions

Comitt Well Solutions is an innovative and fast-growing company in the downhole tool industry combining strong downhole tool expertise, vast experience in developing and commercializing new technologies, and cutting-edge reservoir understanding to maximize value for its customers. It has developed a unique portfolio of hydraulically activated tools for pin-point stimulation of new and existing wellbores. The tools are specially developed to maximize hydrocarbon recovery from all wells.

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