Unique Features & Versatile Design

A typical setup would be the use of two packer barriers to straddle and isolate a perforated interval, with a C|GATE™ in between for fluid displacement. Each tool module works independently, allowing the operator to space the modules to fit each unique wellbore configuration. With its unique features, versatile design, reliable operation, and 100% product placement control, the EXCITE System™ offers the most economically attractive solution on the market for well revitalization.


  • Available for 4.5″, 5″ and 5.5″ casing/liner
  • Restimulation operations
  • One Trip casing leak detection
  • Chemical injection
  • Formation diagnostics


  • Resettable system for multiple treatments in a single trip
  • No mechanical manipulation
  • Automatically deactivates at end of each treatment
  • Pin-point restimulation operation for maximum stimulated reservoir volume (SRV)
  • Eliminates treatment fluid waste
  • Maintains wellbore internal Diameter (ID)
  • Reduces horsepower requirement at surface


  • Flexible module setup enables a variety of applications
  • Ability to circulate sand/debris out of hole in the event of cross flow
  • Rated for 10,000 Psi and 350F
  • Integrated equalization feature
  • Cost effective versus any other stimulation technique
  • Ultra slim design for easier deployment

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