Fast & Accurate Frac Treatments

The system is conveyed on coiled tubing or jointed pipe. Once on depth, flow through the ID shuts the bottom valve, sets the hydraulic packer, and diverts flow to the jet sub and erodes the casing. When the formation is accessed, the frac treatment is pumped down the annulus. At the end of each stage, pressure is released allowing you to select the next frac stage. Circulation is regained from the bottom of the tool, allowing any excess sand or debris to be circulated out of the well.


  • Available for 4.5″,  5″ and 5.5″ casing/liner
  • Select on the fly pin-point frac


  • Resettable system for multiple treatments in a single trip
  • No mechanical manipulation
  • Automatically de-activates at end of each treatment
  • Pin-point frac treatments operation for maximum stimulated reservoir volume (SRV)
  • Eliminates treatment fluid waste
  • Maintains Well bore internal Diameter (ID)
  • Reduces horsepower requirement at surface


  • Flexible module setup enables a variety of applications
  • Ability to circulate sand/debris out of hole in the event of cross flow
  • Rated for 10,000 Psi and 350F
  • Integrated equalization feature
  • Cost effective versus any other stimulation technique
  • Ultra slim design for easier deployment

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