Our Unique Systems

Imagine knowing before you start restimulation, which clusters to treat, which ones to skip due to cross communication, and which type of treatment would be best to apply to each perforation cluster. The Comitt Excite System gives you an extra pair of eyes to see what is actually happening downhole and create a roadmap of which clusters to treat and how to best treat them. This patented method then allows you to treat each cluster individually with the treatment best suited for each cluster.

The Excite System Difference

Having pressure gauges above, between, and below the packers provides valuable data by recording the pressure and temperature of each perforation cluster during treatments and injection. The gauges provide an accurate map of the wellbore showing exactly how much pressure is reached at each perforation cluster.

The Excite System Advantage

  • Use downhole pressure data to identify previously untreated clusters
  • Reduce treatment cost by identifying which clusters to treat
  • Identify cross-communicating clusters up front and eliminate risk of getting stuck
  • Significantly improve effectiveness of treatment by focusing all resources where it matters most

Downhole pressure data showing clusters with and without proper zonal isolation. Clusters with full pressure integrity eliminate risk of cross communication.

Downhole pressure data from a wellbore where 50% of the clusters were untreated. Clusters previously not broken down treated like new rock.

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