Our Unique Systems

Comitt Well Solutions’ patent-pending Excite, Pierce, and Complete systems are revolutionizing the productivity of wellbores. Our systems are designed for single trip high rate/ high-pressure annular pin-point injections. The systems are hydraulically activated, requiring no mechanical manipulation of the work string. The unique systems can be configured in a variety of setups to fit various applications. With their unique features, versatile design, reliable operation, and 100% product placement control, we offer the most economically attractive solution on the market for well revitalization.

Revitalize Your Wellbore


Refrac Existing Wellbores

Comitt Well Solution’s EXCITE SYSTEM™ is a module-based downhole tool system designed for single trip, high rate/high pressure, pin-point re-fracturing and re-stimulation operations. The…


Patent Pending
Drilled-but-Uncompleted Wellbores

The system is conveyed downhole on CT or stick pipe, once on depth, flow through ID will allow the bottom valve to shut, the hydraulic packer sets, and the flow is directed through the jet perf tool,…


Patent Pending
New Well Completions

Comitt Well Solutions’ patent pending COMPLETE System is a uniquely designed completion system for annular fracturing of oil and gas wells. The COMPLETE valves are installed as an integrated part of…