Comitt Well Solutions Delivers Game Changing Completion Technologies

Comitt Well Solutions has developed a unique portfolio of hydraulically activated tools for pin-point stimulation of new and existing wellbores. Our tools are specially developed to maximize hydrocarbon recovery from all wells.

Maximize Wellbore Recovery

Revitalization Success Stories

COMITT is a safety driven organization trusted globally for our expertise in wellbore revitalization. We enable companies to add value to their existing oil and gas wells while commercializing new technologies to help them stay one step ahead of the competition. Our cutting edge systems perform at an exceptional level to offer innovative solutions to our customers.

Excite System Case Studies

EXCITE System Saves Operator The Cost Of Drilling A New Wellbore

Prior to the treatment, the well was injecting 1000 BWPD at 1500 psi pressure. Following the re-stimulation, the well was…

Proppant Re-frac

The refrac candidate wellbore was an Eagle Ford well where production had declined. The well had originally been completed…

Acid Re-stimulation

Our scope of work was to re-stimulate producing zones in the Wolfcamp formation in Martin County, TX. The well, a vertical…

What Others Are Saying About Us

Read what Rice University and the E&P magazine have to say about us. In the article in Rice University, we were featured for being, “among the 10 most-promising energy and clean technology venture companies” according to Rice Alliance for Technology and Entrepreneurship (Rice Alliance). The Exploration & Production magazine talks about Eivind Moen’s sales pitch during the Rice Alliance for Technology and Entrepreneurship’s Energy and Clean Technology Venture Forum.