Comitt Well Solutions Delivers Game Changing Completion Technologies

Comitt Well Solutions has developed a unique portfolio of hydraulically activated tools for pin-point stimulation of new and existing wellbores. Our tools are specially developed to maximize hydrocarbon recovery from all wells.

Restimulation of fractured wells show significant production increases

Pin-Point Treatments Provide Optimal Technical Solution

  • Efficiently release stranded hydrocarbon with acid treatments applied directly to damaged perforations.
  • Remove blockage from perforations and producing fractures to restore hydrocarbon flow.
  • Treat with pin-point accuracy for more efficient and effective results than bullheading.
  • Maximize the benefit of treatment fluid by focusing fluid where it is needed most.
  • Restore wellbore productivity and prolong production with mechanical isolation of each perforation cluster.

Restimulation Results

  • 57% one-year IRR average for all horizontal wells treated to date.
  • Vastly outperform return on capital of new drills.
  • Average of 3-5 months payback period for horizontal restimulation with significant 12-month cashflow.
  • Ensured predictable returns and minimal operational risk through data-driven candidate selection process.

Maximize Wellbore Recovery


Refrac Existing Wellbores

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Drilled-but-Uncompleted Wellbores

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New Well Completions

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Excite System Case Studies

What Others Are Saying About Us

Read what Rice University and the E&P magazine have to say about us. In the article in Rice University, we were featured for being, “among the 10 most-promising energy and clean technology venture companies” according to Rice Alliance for Technology and Entrepreneurship (Rice Alliance). The Exploration & Production magazine talks about Eivind Moen’s sales pitch during the Rice Alliance for Technology and Entrepreneurship’s Energy and Clean Technology Venture Forum.